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  • Tandem bikes: for the active codependent.
  • All public restrooms should have locks that indicate whether they're vacant or occupied.
  • I would pay extra for an edition of the New York Times with no opinion pieces.
  • Evite should run reviews and ratings from party guests.
  • Prius drivers are the worst.
  • Someday I'd like to have a washing machine that's not at knee-level.
  • Train travel is better in the abstract.
  • Artists should have websites indicating where their works are on display, the way musicians' websites list upcoming shows.
  • Why is stand-up comedy in movies always so terrible?
  • Nothing kills the vibe at a restaurant bar like a laptop.
  • Is a "knowledge base" ever useful?
  • Houseguests are like newborns: Great pains should be taken to keep them asleep.
  • Sometimes I think everyone I know is on the spectrum.

previous lyrics

  • Don't let the chlorine in your eyes blind you to the awful surprise
  • I think I lost it, let me know if you come across it
  • Time is like a clock in my heart
  • Walk beside me, not behind me. Feel my unconditional love
  • You always knew you were tired, but then where are your friends tonight?
  • It's too late tonight to drag the past out into the light
  • This may come as some surprise, but I miss you
  • I walked home smiling—I finally had a story to tell
  • I kissed you in a style Clark Gable would have admired. I thought it classic
  • If you knew how I felt now, you wouldn't act so adult now
  • Under the kitchen light, you still look like dynamite
  • The culture is lit, and if this is it, I had a ball
  • I was dreaming when I wrote this, so sue me if I go too fast
  • I never wanted to be your weekend lover
  • Sometimes I wish for a mistake
  • Downstairs the party is going full swing. The people we came with haven't noticed a thing
  • It’s not safe to go out, it’s not right to stay home. Listen, my advice is to carry a gun
  • And anyways I'd rather listen to Coltrane than go through all that shit again
  • Up to Lexington, 125—feel sick and dirty, more dead than alive
  • Whoever brought me here is gonna have to take me home
  • I hear you knockin', but there ain't nobody home
  • What's practical? What's logical? What the hell, who cares?
  • I don't know what I knew before, but now I know I want to win the war
  • Tell me something that you mean, not just what comes to mind
  • I don't know my future after this weekend, and I don't want to
  • I see you driving sports cars, ain't hitting the throttle, and I'll be down to do a hundred, top down and goggles
  • Sing me another love song, but this time with a little dedication
  • You got a look in your eye when you're saying goodbye, like you want to say hi
  • I'll settle for a cup of coffee, but you know what I really need

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30 October 2008


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nicely done.

It is wrong for anyone to be treated differently by the law. It is despicable for anyone to treat another human being as "less than" because of race, gender, or sexual preference. I cannot imagine the deep hurt caused by people who think they are somehow better than another. All human beings deserve kindness, compassion, and happiness.

What your letter fails to mention, however, is that in California the Domestic Partnership Act guarantees "all the same rights, protections, and benefits" as marriage (section 297.5 in the Family Code). NONE of these rights will be affected by Proposition 8. Even if Prop. 8 passes, gay couples will have the same privileges and obligations associated with marriage. So, this is not an issue over substantial rights, but over a word.

What's in a word? Well, according to an earlier post, it doesn't matter to you what it's called--as long as you get the rights you deserve. So, since domestic partnerships have the same rights--do you believe that the word marriage should change from meaning the union of man and woman to mean the union of two adults? Does it matter?

It may not matter to some, but to many many people it matters greatly. In simple terms, marriage is a way to recognize that male/female unions are biologically capable of producing their own children and the state licenses marriage because it has an interest in the future generation.

Is it fair to deny people who defend the traditional definition of marriage the right to hold on to that word, when gay couples already have the same rights as marriage?

Is it right to sue doctors and fine religious adoption agencies for practicing their religious beliefs?

Let's at least be honest about what is at stake here. Gay couples do not stand to lose anything of substance by allowing the word marriage to continue to mean what it has meant in the past. But many people will suffer discrimination and intolerance if it does change. Do their rights matter?

Erik, you know I am not a hateful person. I like and respect you and understand why my stance would seem a personal attack. It is not. I am merely defending something I hold to be true and sacred. My defense of it does not take anything away from you as a person or as a homosexual. I still consider you my friend, and I wish I had the power to express my beliefs so that you could understand that this is not about hate or prejudice.

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