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I started the General Situation back in 2008 when, after a rewarding stint as the editor of Budget Travel magazine, I wanted to write for myself. (I have enough self-awareness to know that I won't write without at least the possibility of an audience.) The blog was a place to try things—earnest essays, absurd musings, and so on. After I founded a hyperlocal website, Tribeca Citizen, my desire to write elsewhere waned, and the Gen Sitch became a repository for amusing moments and interactions.

Now that I've sold Tribeca Citizen, I'm ready to write again. Rather than worry about about coming up with the perfect topic, I'm simply going to write updates about my life; I'm not going to try to make them hold together, the way essays should. Instead, please think of these posts as letters from me to you. In fact, you can now receive posts by email. Just click this link and add your email address.